Chord practice chart generator

The purpose of this page is to generate a chord chart of semi-random sequences of chords that you can play through to familiarise yourself with the chords, and build up the ability to play chords immediately and instinctively, without thought.

Although playing through jazz standards is one way of doing this, standards tend to be in a certain range of keys, so one's ability with chords inevitably leans more towards keys like F or Bb than E or B. So use of a practice chart can help to redress that balance.

Chords often follow circle-of-fourths root movement, and the best known example of this is the ii-V-I sequence. The generator uses ii-V-I sequences (major or minor) and also ii-V and V-I sequences.

The keys used in the chart range from the "flattest key" to the "sharpest key". These are both adjustable. So you can choose to concentrate on a range of unfamiliar keys, or if you like just concentrate on the common keys.

Hit 'submit' to generate a page of chords, and then 'print' to print it. After you've hit submit, if you don't like that chord chart you can re-do it by hitting 'submit' again.

Number of chords per line: Number of lines: font size (pt):

Select which patterns you would like included:

251 minor 251
51 minor 51
25 minor 25

Select how chords are represented:

major dominant minor 7
minor dominant (in minor key) minor ii
flattest key: sharpest key:

Select the extent to which the key varies.
Zero means it stays in one key, 1 means it will always move to an adjacent key, etc.

key variation: